Jubilee Research and Clinical Studies 

A warm welcome to The Jubilee Medical Practice’s Research and Clinical Studies Home Page. 

The Practice has teamed up with the PRINCIPLE STUDY to help the fight against COVID-19. Click here to see how you can help them with this. 
The Jubilee Medical Practice is proud to be known as a Research Ready accredited Practice. This was granted to the Practice by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in 2019. That same year the Practice was accepted as a Level 1 Research Site as part of the National Institute for Health Research's (NIHR) Primary Care Research Site Initiative. After a highly successful first year, the Practice was then promoted to be a Level 2 Research Site for the year 2020/21, in which the Practice aims to carry on its hard work to help promote and support research and clinical studies where it can. 
See below to find out more about what carrying out research means to you and the Practice. 

Practice Research News 

UPDATED PRIVACY NOTICE - click here for information on changes to the practices privacy policy during the COVID Pandemic  
The Neon Trial - The Practice is currently supporting The NEON (Narrative Experiences Online) Trial Research Study. This is a study relating to Mental Health. Click here to find out more or visit recoverystories.uk 
Last Year we had 156 patient who took part in research across the 6 studies we were involved in. We want to thank all those patients who took part in helping support us in Research.  
Moodbuster Study - Are you experiencing increased anxiety or low mood due to COVID-19 or were already experiencing these symptoms and would like to be part of research? Click here to find out more info. 
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