Why does the Practice take part in Research Studies? 

"The Jubilee Medical Practice takes part in Research and Clinical Studies because it makes a difference in improving patient care" 
The above statement is a very broard reason why the Practice is working closely with other health services to promote and take part in research and clinical studies. But there are four wider reasons why the Practice is dedicating time and resources to research. 
Helping our Patients - Taking part in research studies allows us to learn more about our patient's conditions and in turn help them to understand them too.  
Developing new tests or treatment - Patients being involved in studies may benefit from new tests or treatments that may come out as a result of medical research. 
Wider General Public - The results of any studies or trials we participate in have the potential not to just benefit our patients, but everyone in the country and possibly the world. It will also improve patient care not just in the immediate future, but for generations to come. 
Creating a better NHS - New discoveries will make our NHS stronger and more efficient.  
In summary, we feel that taking part in research can be a big benefit to not just our patients but for all. It could pave the way for new treatments and tests to be developed, which in turn may benefit future generations of patients by providing them with a health service more adept to managing their conditions.  
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