Will it have an effect on my care? 

You will not see or notice any effect on your care because the Practice is taking part in research studies. The only patients that may notice a change will be those that give consent and agree to take part in the studies. 
The Practice will be taking part in a variety of studies which will have different levels of involvement for both the Practice and the Patients who take part.  
The most basic type of study involves the Practice searching for particular information on the medical database and sending that to the research study team, with no patient involvement necessary. We have to be clear that no personal identifiable data is sent but medical information in records like diagnoses, treatment and medications could be used. We have a reasponsibility to make you aware that if you do not wish for your medical information, albeit not identifiable to you, to be used in these studies then please inform the Practice and we will ensure that no information leaves the Practice. As well as providing statistical data, these type of studies are also used to measure the quality of care that practices provide to patients. 
Another type of study will involve the Practice identifying a group of patients that fit a certain criteria the research study team are looking for. We will then contact those patients, most likely via letter, to invite them to make contact with the research team directly if they are interested in taking part. You can contact them to ask for further information about the study and still decline; contacting them does not mean you are obliged to continue in the study. We must stress that no information is sent to the research team. They may ask for information from your records once you have given consent and only after they have asked your permission to do so. These studies generally take place externally, away from the Practice. 
Finally, patients may be invited to come to the Practice to take part in research. Once again, patients will be identified to ensure that they fit a criteria set by the research team. Invitations will be sent to those patients and appointments will be booked for patients who wish to take part. These appointments are to gain informed consent from patients. Consent can only be gained once the Practice has provided the patient with all the information about the study and answering any patients questions. Patients will then be given the choice whether they wish to take part or not.  
For any patients who take part in studies, although consent has been given, you will always have the right and opportunity to change your mind and withdraw without having to give a reason why. 
For more information on how we use your information for medical research, click here to read our Privacy Notice. 
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